FarmNine: Migration from flowersoftware to shopify by WeMakeEcommerceWebsites

FarmNine: Migration from flowersoftware to shopify by WeMakeEcommerceWebsites

 In this case study, we explore how WeMakeEcommerceWebsites partnered with FarmNine to revamp their online presence, elevate their brand, and boost their sales through a Shopify-powered website.

Client Overview: FarmNine, a leading organic farm and produce distributor, sought to modernize its online presence to better showcase its products, engage customers, and streamline e-commerce operations.

Problem Statement: FarmNine's existing website lacked user-friendliness, had outdated design elements, and struggled to convert visitors into customers. Their online store experienced high bounce rates, impacting their revenue.


Our Solution:

Explain how your company, WeMakeEcommerceWebsites, addressed FarmNine's challenges. Discuss the strategies, technologies, and approaches you used.

Our Solution: WeMakeEcommerceWebsites conducted a comprehensive analysis of FarmNine's needs and goals. We then designed and developed a custom Shopify website that focused on user experience, responsive design, and e-commerce optimization. Key features included a user-friendly interface, streamlined checkout process, and integration with FarmNine's inventory management system.

Implementation: Our team executed a phased approach, which included wireframing, design prototyping, development, and rigorous testing. We seamlessly migrated FarmNine's data to the new platform, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition.

Results: Following the website launch, FarmNine experienced a 40% increase in online sales within the first three months. Bounce rates decreased by 25%, and average order value (AOV) saw a substantial boost. Customer feedback indicated enhanced satisfaction with the improved user experience.

Conclusion: This case study illustrates how WeMakeEcommerceWebsites transformed FarmNine's online presence, resulting in increased sales and improved customer engagement. Through a strategic Shopify solution, we addressed their challenges and helped FarmNine thrive in the digital landscape.



 "Vjen was very helpful, reasonably priced and worked closely with us at Farm Nine to develop our website and address any
issues. He emailed us back very quickly and provided as many zoom meetings as we needed to get everything right. Highly recommend him and his team!!"


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