Our Top 5 Product Review Apps + more

Embedded customer reviews are crucial to achieving headline conversion rates. They are the best source for collecting unbiased, authentic feedback. This user-generated content presents many impactful business benefits.

They enhance brand image and help us understand what people like and don’t like about our products to help guide future business decisions.

Customer reviews prove to be immensely impactful especially during high demand periods between BFCM and the holidays when visitors typically make quick buying decisions.

It doesn’t stop there, the fresh and unique content from reviews improves peer influence, click-through rates, customer retention, SEO ranking, language diversity, merchandising strategies, marketing strategies and so forth.

The best review apps will co-exist with your store without compromising speed, UX, and design.

A store without reviews is a store ignoring credibility. More customer reviews lead to more opportunities to listen to what matters most to customers.

Choose The Right App

Whether you’re launching a store, adding reviews for the first time, or intend on switching review apps, it's a very challenging task to choose the right app to invest in. This challenge stems from so many glorified apps that tailor towards no specific type of industry or business.

There’s no starting from scratch if you decide to switch. All the major apps can import and export reviews in the form of a CSV for backup and/or migration needs.

Here's a breakdown of the top 5 Shopify Product Review apps to support this decision:

Yotpo Reviews


Yotpo is renown for its oversimplified interface - making it a piece of cake for customers to leave reviews. They also go the extra mile with their advanced, automated, and customizable features that give them an extra edge.

With an amazing support team, Yotpo delivers a high standard level of customer service. It's powerful reports and analytics are helping to shape the future of businesses.

Yotpo is laser-focused on generating content. You have the ability to post your best reviews on all major social platforms and integrate your star ratings and product reviews into organic search results. Their integration with leading ad platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, allows you to showcase your 5-star reviews within your dynamic ads for each unique product.

By using Yotpo you are able to harness all the tools available to grow review numbers. You are in full control of features such as the ability to choose language and time zone preferences for scheduling review request emails (i.e. people are less likely to write a review at 4 am versus when they wake up or in the afternoon). Customers are able to conveniently leave a review directly within the email. This feature works in conjunction with Upsell - a smart algorithm that automatically chooses products most likely to bring past shoppers back to buy more.

A typical Yotpo review request email uses the following structure: gratitude for the order, a link to customer service, a request for review, and a promotion for another product.

Not all reviews are going to praise your products and business - no problem! Yotpo allows you to moderate all your store reviews and comment on them publicly or privately. It's important to use the custom redirect URLs to send happy customers to a “thank-you" page and unhappy customers to a "support” or “apology" page.

As far as the cost for Yotpo goes, it is very competitively priced, however, you get what you pay for. All the features mentioned above are just scratching the surface; this app has so much to offer and has the highest capability to meet and surpass your goals.

→ Click here If you would like to learn more about how Yotpo can help your business succeed ← Stamped.io Reviews

Stamped.io Product Reviews Addon

Product Reviews Addon is another leading-edge review app that offers unique features to merchants. Features like the ability to create branded review landing pages, thank you pages, review groups, and real-time experiences. It also allows you to leave reviews directly within the emails you send, making for an excellent customer experience.

Other impressive features include custom redirect URLs, advanced email customization, incentives (coupons/discounts), and the ability to create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns targeting recent visitors and buyers. It also provides check out reviews, the ability to share reviews across several stores, score surveys to measure the loyalty of your buyers, and an engaging community questions & answers feature.

Their Widget 2.0 allows buyers to quickly view product ratings, images, videos and buyer reviews in one convenient place.

A superb aspect of the Product Review Addon app is that it can integrate with a huge number of social networks, Shopify apps (social, shipping, returns etc.), and analytical apps (Slack, ZenDesk etc.). Their support is top notch and they are a major contender in this space.

Judge Me Reviews

Judge.me Product Reviews

The logic in this app is head and shoulders above anything else - it loads fast, looks great, functions well, and is a Shopify only app.

Judge.me captures reviews in Shopify metafields. Since metafields store as plain text within Shopify they load much faster as part of your theme, rather than with JS separately.

Judge.me also allows for grouped products, meaning you can share reviews across multiple products rather than product variants. If your store uses separate products rather than variants, this is a nice feature to share the love among other products.

There are many other great features that mirror other top review apps including the ability to adjust reviews to fit your store’s design - all available at a more affordable price, making Judge.me a much more feasible option for most merchants.

During onboarding, customer support will ask you some questions about how you want to use the app, then support uses those installation preferences to do all the work for you.

Shopify Product Reviews

Shopify Product Reviews

Product Reviews by Shopify is a perfect starting place for adding a product reviews widget to your store. Best of all it is free.

Created by Shopify’s in-house developers, this app is a great first bet, especially if you’re just looking for the essentials: a product review section on every product page, SEO-friendly review scores to your Google search listings, theme-adaptive design, and easy customization.

Depending on the level of functionality you desire this could be it. Product Reviews by Shopify is a much more simplified plugin than others mentioned in this article.

Loox Reviews

Loox Reviews

Loox is a creative image focused reviews app. They allow your customers to easily upload photos of themselves receiving, wearing or using your products, capitalizing on depictive customer feedback and user-generated content. These mobile-friendly photo reviews showcase and arrange in visually appealing galleries or a dedicated reviews page.

There is also a massive line-up of features embedded such as vast customization (scheduling, color, size, position, branding), the ability to moderate reviews, integration with Google for SEO displayed reviews, quick views on collections and product pages, upsell opportunities, localization and so much more.

Clutch Reviews

Pointer has Partnered with Customer Review Sensation Clutch

At Pointer, we value customer reviews just as much as our merchants do. It is clear that people are turning to the internet and reviews to help them feel confident when making the decision on what Agency to partner with. To gain more credibility in the industry and boost visibility online, it is useful to have reviews of your work on more than one platform. This is why Pointer has now partnered with Clutch.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that connects small and medium-sized businesses with the developer, solution or agency that best fits their needs and objectives. They have extensive vendor research, housing thousands of company profiles and reviews on their site, in addition to reports on leading companies worldwide. For example, Pointer was just named one of the leading e-commerce developers and the number one Shopify developer in Canada by Clutch.

What makes their platform unique though are the verified, unbiased client reference reviews they publish. The analysts at Clutch speak directly with each company’s clients to produce in-depth case studies of the work done. Each review follows the same structure, but the analysts are well-versed in the tech space, which allows them to ask pointed follow up questions to provide more detail on the project management style, technologies used, etc. Here are some highlights from our reviews, but check out Pointer’s full profile to see more.

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